About us

At frugal CEO we teach people how to manage their personal fiances like a Frugal CEO would if they were in charge of a major corporation.

When we hear about a CEO in the news who miss managed company resources, or made terrible decisions share holders come out with torches and Pitch forks, employees get laid off, government agencies open investigations into who is to blame.

Opposite of that is the CEO who over sees rising stock prices, massive sales growth, innovations in R&D and technology. What do we do with them? They go on covers of Magazines being hailed as brilliant leaders.

You are the CEO of your own life. If you took an honest look at your financial health and had to make a presentation to the Board, would they be signing your praises or asking for your resignation?

Is it Pitch forks or Book deals?

If you you would find yourself on the front page of the local news paper and that is NOT a good thing, you have come to the right place.